About Us

About Us

Thing Trunk is an independent gamedev studio founded by 3 guys, who are known for engineering their games to their fullest: Maciej Biedrzycki (co-founder of Codeminion), Konstanty Kalicki, and Filip Starzyński (founders of Twinbottles).

Having created many successful games at their previous companies (most notably Saqqarah, Magic Match, Brunhilda, Phantasmat) and a few unintended flops (let’s not put names here) they quickly became disappointed with the miring trends in the casual games market. They scrapped their former brands and together founded Thing Trunk to focus solely on the ambitious Return 2 Games idea.


Book of Demons is the first installment in the Return 2 Games series. True to the origins of the hack&slash genre, Book of Demons tells the universal story of good vs evil, of a hero’s quest to save the world from the ultimate devilry.

Visit www.return2games.com to learn more.

In our mission towards making gaming more inclusive we created a Steam Curator called Midcore Games. Need a game that respects your time and can be enjoyed right from the start? Check out our ever growing list of recommendations.

Our Team

About Us

Filip Starzyński

Producer and future sax virtuoso

Thing Trunk co-founder. Constantly juggles schedules and shifts pivot tables to keep the project on time. Read more...

About Us

Konstanty Kalicki

Senior Programmer and Creative Person

Thing Trunk co-founder. Crunching bugs and implementing new features are his bread and butter. Read more...

About Us

Maciej Biedrzycki

Chief Game Architect and Strategy Overseer

Thing Trunk co-founder. His uninterrupted attention to detail keeps the rest of the team in check. And sometimes annoyed. Read more...

About Us

Małgorzata Jesionowska

Project Manager, Tester

Feed with bugs and crashes. Keep in warm and away from fire. Unless she starts one.

Hall of Fame

About Us

Michał Paliborek

Web Master

Created the nice website you are looking at. Helps us from time to time.

About Us

Piotr Lisek

Art Generalist

Big fan of Star Wars and tanks. Worked with us for almost two years on R2G graphics.

About Us

Patryk Mencfeld


Although it’s been over two years since Patryk worked with us, we still tend to stumble upon bits and pieces of his code.

About Us

Tom Tomaszewski

PR Manager

Summoned from a distant land to resurrect our marketing efforts.

About Us

Stanisław Sożyński

Content Creator

When his was mission completed he set sails towards a faraway shores to battle spiders, eat vegemite and make more games.

About Us

Adam Buczek

Content Creator

Adam joined Thing Trunk family for the sole purpose of making and maintaining our glorious websites, newsletters, servers and other dirty internet activities.