Adam Buczek


Adam joined Thing Trunk family for the sole purpose of making and maintaining our glorious websites, newsletters, servers and other dirty internet activities. Thanks to his Academy of Fine Arts education, mad Photoshop skills and incredible self-learned coding tricks he’s able to juggle (quite literally too) all the Internet stuff we need.

During office hours, he’s responsible for all the interwebz business mentioned before and taking care of his most demanding Trunk-child, the Feedback Widget. He is the one responding to your in-game feedbacks, doubts, and hopes. Sometimes he’s also creating additional graphical assets.

When the work is over Adam is a big enthusiast of analog photography (yet he’s too shy to put a link to his Instagram here), sailing distant yet hot seas and feeding his inner web programming beast. We’re still not sure how he learned all that 3d-printing/electronics/fire breathing/web designing stuff, but for sure that guy is a curious type.

Best known for:

  • Being the only person at the office using GitHub and Linux on daily basis
  • Patience to use analog camera in 2016
  • Trying to break every game he plays (Dark souls being lately favorite)
  • Naming his You Owe Me list the “Cement Shoes”
  • Understanding of JS and PHP to the level that’s a mystery to anyone else at the office