Adam Mirkowski

Game Designer

Adam works as a game designer and he definitely didn’t choose this career to prove to everybody that playing games is a more viable plan for the future than doing homework.

Even during his journalist studies at the University of Warsaw, Adam already knew that joining a dying profession is not for him, so he convinced himself that he’s really into PR and marketing. But while working at an agency, he realized that the only interesting part of his job is the lunch break when he can read gaming news. That’s when he decided it’s time to change things.

When he’s not playing, he writes scripts and short stories. He manages to forget completely about computers while cycling or hiking in the mountains.

Best known for:

  • working on a game titled 911 Operator
  • having 234 games in his backlog
  • making his backlog even bigger due to compulsive buying (because “it will be useful for my job!”)
  • his enthusiasm for all kinds of media, such as movies, books, comic books, theater
  • working on stuff that his grandma doesn’t really get (although she’ll say otherwise!)
  • his love for audiobooks, which showed him that books can make cleaning quite bearable