Agnieszka Kraińska

Community manager

Agnieszka is a fairy moving around on social media, chatting with you, the community! She is the one responding to your feedback, problems, hopes, and dreams. Anything marketing-related - means her!

Studied Japanology at Warsaw University and lived in Japan for some time. Currently persues another degree at Warsaw School of Economics. Before she materialized in Thing Trunk, she was working on branded content on YouTube. Spends a great deal of time in Photoshop.

When she's not in the office, she can usually be found in Team Fortress 2, guiding her team to victory, or streaming whatever she's playing on Twitch. Agnieszka is also very passionate about Star Trek (basically a requirement around here?), everything and anything space and nature related. Loves chocolate-orange things, is an enemy to rhubarb.

Best known for:

  • Her knowledge of social media magic
  • Her strict eating schedule
  • Being a Team Fortress 2 addict

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Special Halloween Special is here!

Special Halloween Special is here!

It's been months. Months of planning and preparation - gathering all the candy you can get your hands on, contacting your local ghosts, inviting the most famous vampires, booking the zombie pumpkin show. Finally, Spooktober takes its peak -... more

Mini-challenge mode!

Mini-challenge mode!

Cunning rogues! Mighty mages! Hardened warriors! The time has come for a new (mini)challenge! Behold: The Mini-challenge Mode! What is this mode all about? This mode is aimed for anyone who seeks some more challenging gameplay,... more

Introducing Card Sets!

Introducing Card Sets!

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could swap your hand for another build in the middle of a fight? Ever wished to be able to have two builds and quickly swap between them? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this update is... more