Filip Starzyński

Producer and future sax virtuoso

Before co-founding Thing Trunk, Filip worked on many games at Twin Bottles, a company he built from scratch with Konstanty. His portfolio most notably includes Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal, a game that cleverly mixed hidden objects and classic adventure games in a surprising and delightful way.

Until very recently, Filip taught game development at PJA, but regrettably he had to resign due to other conflicting activities such as ever-increasing workloads at Thing Trunk and practicing playing tenor sax in the closet (yes, this apparently is a thing among aspiring sax players).

Being a true, versatile game developer at heart, Filip’s work is invaluable on many fronts. He contributes to our games as a designer, programmer, and most notably as a producer. He constantly juggles schedules and shifts tables to keep our project on time.

In person, Filip is a most cheerful fellow. Even when things turn grim and problems abound, he always manages to maintain a good spirit and relieve the tension with an appropriately inappropriate joke. But it doesn’t mean that Filip is a trifler or that he doesn’t treat problems seriously. In fact, he is probably the most conscientious person on our team.

Filip has a Master’s degree in computer science, and he can’t imagine doing anything else other than making games for a living. Everything else is just a hobby to him - and he has plenty of them.

Filip is best known for:

  • co-founding Twin Bottles
  • developing Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal
  • his craving for gourmet treats and passion for cooking
  • annoying Konstanty by speaking too loudly
  • DIY, building robots and various handicrafts
  • constantly pranking Staszek with a shaggy rat toy
  • being a fan of quality cinema (best memory - watching "I, Frankenstein" 4 times)
  • jumping out of a plane, or from a boat into a swarm of bloodthirsty sharks

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