Małgorzata Jesionowska

Project Manager, Tester

Boring, sad introvert who tries to navigate through a labyrinth of projects and events. A Guardian in a very distant future, and the Queen of Erathia in some fantasy world.

In the real world she irritates the rest of the team with ASAPs and long boring tasks. Jumps from a “branch” to “branch” with such agility like no other producer-monkey does (at least that’s what she thinks). In addition, if you ever thought that causing a crash by hitting keys randomly is 1 in a million case, she will do that in the very first attempt… by accident with eyes closed. What a shame she does not win lotteries with same luck…

Feed with bugs and crashes. Keep in warm and away from fire. Unless she starts one.

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Dynamic music update!

Dynamic music update!

They say music makes the world go round, so in today's update, we make it go round and round with way more music! In your feedback you often pointed out the lack of variety in music and that it feels static, not contributing to the excitement of... more