Konstanty Kalicki

Senior Programmer and Creative Person

Konstanty has known he would be making games ever since he first laid his hands on Amiga 500 back in early ’90. Since then, he has been honing his storytelling and graphics programming skills. He even became a Game Master with an ulterior motive: to find out what makes a good memorable game that engages players. He’s still searching.

His plan came to fruition at university, where he met like-minded people. Together they started the Computer Game Programming department. After getting his diploma in artificial intelligence and multimedia, he stayed at the university as an assistant profesor, teaching game design and programming. At the same time, he started his first company, Twin Bottles, with Filip Starzyński. Together they created many games, including the commercial casual adventure Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal, and many educational and therapeutic games (hopefully more therapeutic for the gamers than they were for him).

Seven years later he got together with Maciej and Filip (the very same likeminded people from his university) to make Return 2 Games a reality. As a member of Thing Trunk, Konstanty takes care of programming, creative writing and supplying the team with a steady stream of jokes, puns and reddit trivia.

Konstanty loves tinkering, and his most notable achievement was a motion-sensing-passersby-scaring pumpkin (which was double scary: fist, due to its triggered lights and sounds and, second, due to the unintended fungus and worms that grew inside it). When not working, Konstanty enjoys cooking. Although his signature dish is pork and mushroom stew, some poor souls have had to taste his worst dish, a gingerbread so dry and hard he had to break it into servings with a hammer (he claims it was pretty good with warm milk). When relaxing, he often imagines himself skiing, playing paintball.

Best known for:

  • co-founding Twin Bottles
  • developing Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal
  • insulting everyone with “yo momma” jokes and getting away with it
  • mad DotA2 skills (he claims his low MMR is an accident)
  • hugely popular Facebook posts featuring his 5-year-old son’s sarcastic wordplays
  • obsessive icon hoarding on the desktop
  • eating excessive amounts of white bread (with butter)
  • laughing at his own jokes
  • arguing with strangers on the Internet

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Online Battles event is live!

Online Battles event is live!

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Book of Demons Launches

Book of Demons Launches

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Major Update: The Rogue is here!

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Legendary Cards Update!

Legendary Cards Update!

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Return 2 Games Manifesto

Return 2 Games Manifesto

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