Krzysztof Rutkowski

Programmer and Linux enthusiast

Krzysztof is an eerily level-headed person who has loved playing video games since childhood and has pursued a career in that industry for as long as he can remember. After graduating in Computer Science at Nicolaus Copernicus University, he landed a job as a programmer at Thing Trunk, where his dream came true. (He sometimes claims that his dream turned out to be a nightmare, but surely that’s just friendly banter).

When not programming, for fun he reads about programming, watches something about programming, and solders electronic gizmos (he also programs them). Aside from that, he enjoys reading pulp sci-fi books, watching crappy movies, and programming.

Krzysiek is a fan of Linux operating system, and every year hopes that it will finally be the year Linux gaming takes off. But the rest of the team doubts this will happen - at least until Return 2 Games comes out on Linux. After all, R2G is coming to Linux, just not right away. Linux will be Thing Trunk’s Number 1 priority just after Windows PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices, Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, Ouya consoles, obscure smart TVs and streaming boxes, Casio watches, smart refrigerators, scientific calculators, in-flight entertainment systems, DOS, OS/2 Warp, etc. etc. You get the picture...

Best known for:

  • programming
  • surprisingly solid scientific knowledge
  • programming
  • stoicism
  • programming
  • amazing bare handed pigeon-catching skills
  • programming