Krzysztof Hain

Graphic designer, 2D and 3D artist

Krzysztof graduated with a Master's degree in printmaking at Fine Arts Academy in Katowice. His passion for both art and games made a career in the gaming industry an obvious choice for him. He works as a 2D and a 3D artist in the Thing Trunk team.

In his spare time, Krzysztof is active in the underground comic zine scene in Poland with a number of published zines and collaborations under his belt. He's a big fan of lowbrow art and looks up to his idols which include Troma Entertainment, Sean Aaberg, Kentaro Miura, and many more.

While spending a lot of time drawing and listening to weird music, he always tries to find some time for dozens of his other hobbies, which include board games, building EDH decks, and painting Warhammer miniatures. He also enjoys his new-found love for kayaking and water slides.

Best known for:

  • winning a Golden Chicken, the coolest indie comic award in Poland.
  • listening to more punk rock now than in his teens (it generally goes the other way around).
  • having more Nintendo Game Boy consoles than he really needs.
  • his collection of vintage PC gaming magazines.
  • thinking that Jagged Alliance 2 is still the best game of all times.