Mateusz Śliwakowski


Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Warsaw University of Technology, Mateusz is the youngest member of the ThingTrunk team. Here he explores the ins and outs of being a game developer.

Mateusz gets into the swing of new things fairly easily. But, because the day has only 24 hours he had to drop his promising careers in tennis, professional paintball, running… and so on. But some things have never changed - he is always willing to play a good volleyball match, learn a new piece on a piano or enroll in an exciting programming project.

Best known for:

  • Creating a fancy, little bot for our Discord server,
  • Striving to prevent Mac versions of our games from falling apart,
  • Claiming Windows Virtual Machine is the best program on his Mac at work,
  • Nostalgy for managing train transport in OpenTTD,
  • (Continuously diminishing) young’s enthusiasm to polish every new piece of code he encounters.