Mateusz Trebliński

Community Manager

Having graduated in applied linguistics, Mateusz was looking for a dream job where he could put all his skills to good use and which would somehow involve all his passions and interests: video games, writing, video games, languages, video games, talking to people, video games, and memes. That's how he found Thing Trunk.

As a Community Manager, Mateusz does a lot of many different things but by far the biggest and the most important responsibility of all is... taking care of you! He's always vigilant and ready to help you out - well, maybe except when he's frantically writing down his next big ideas. Or when he's too busy playing hide-and-seek with his cat (spoiler alert, the cat always wins).

Overall, Mateusz consists of 20% irony, 40% creativity, 40% kindness, 30% awkwardness, 70% inability to count properly.

Best known for:

  • having 7428121379536 ideas per minute
  • speaking 4 languages, including fluent sarcasm, and attempting to learn at least twice as many languages
  • his deep love of spaghetti and pizza
  • having a difficult relationship with DotA 2 and Dark Souls

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