Stanisław Sożyński

Content Creator and company mascot

Stasiek was the youngest member of the Thing Trunk family, and the only one with truly hipster beard. He used to build Megazords while studying mechatronics at Warsaw University of Technology, but dropped it to pursue development of video games. His meager experience (compared to the other team members) is compensated for by his passionate attitude and enthusiasm (seriously, sometimes he’s way too excited about new features).

At the office, besides dealing with a million little things, he’s mostly responsible for creating game content and implementing it within the game. As a UX geek, Staszek always brings ideas about layouts and gameplay while the rest of the team is designing new elements and mechanics.

Outside of work, he has lots of fun studying sociology (or is it Scientology? Either way, quite peculiar if you think about his engineering experience). His free time is mostly occupied with reading books, seasonal sports (like skiing & surfing) or planning his next travel destination. He writes about his adventures on his personal blog (in Polish). Last but not least, don’t ever mention CrossFit near him unless you want to do some burpees (we strongly suspect they involve sit-ups after drinking lots of soda).

Best known for:

  • #hipster #hash #tags
  • unconditional love for surfing and skiing
  • mastering all kinds of scripts, from AngelScript to Python, you name it
  • storing bits of food inside his impressive beard
  • apparently having discovered the fountain of everlasting optimism and enthusiasm

His mission completed he set sails towards a faraway shores to battle spiders, eat vegemite and make more games.

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Book of Demons Major Update and Free Demo

Book of Demons Major Update and Free Demo

27.10.2016 \ Announcements \ 3 comments

Good news everyone! Today we’re launching a big update for Book of Demons and we have prepared something for both newcomers and for already engaged players. This is the biggest update we’ve done so far and it will pave the ground for even better... more