Tom Tomaszewski

PR Manager

Tom always imagined he'll be a movie director or editor, but since the Polish film industry is dead, he decided to take a safer route and become an IT specialist skilled in computer animation. By now he would probably be working on special effects for the new Transformers movie if it weren't for Filip and Konstanty, whom he met while studying at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.

When choosing his major at the university, Tom accidentally took part in a small presentation where Konstanty and Filip explained why game development course, that they were running, is the only SANE and CORRECT choice, and why video games are the ONLY right option for his future career. Until this day, Tom ponders how his life would look if he hasn't participated in that silly meeting.

Best known for:

  • co-founding Crunching Koalas games studio
  • stunning ability to always appear in the right place at the right time
  • developing and promoting MouseCraft
  • consuming Cola Zero and coffee for lunch
  • developing the only HOPA game where you can collect dog poop
  • playing FPP games on a gamepad (and not sucking at it)

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Book of Demons wins its first awards!

Book of Demons wins its first awards!

25.05.2016 \ Book of Demons \ 5 comments

A little over a week ago we went to Digital Dragons to take part in the Indie Showcase competition and to showcase a playable version of Book of Demons for the very first time. And guess what?! We won an award and got feedback from people like Chris... more