Book of Demons is Live on Steam + Early Access Roadmap

Great news, everyone! After many years of turbulent development, Book of Demons is now live on Steam in the Early Access program! Grab the game here, or watch the release trailer below to see what you will be missing:

This marks a new beginning for us, as starting from now we will be in constant communication with our community. This is why we’d like to present a short roadmap for Book of Demons Early Access.

First of all, if you wish to stay up-to-date with all the developments surrounding our Early Access, please bookmark those links:

  • Think Trunk Dev Blog (you are currently here) – this place will feature the most important announcements (like major game updates) and some behind-the-scenes materials.
  • Steam’s Book of Demons Community Hub – this one is pretty important, as it will probably be our main place of discussion with gamers. Here we will also be publishing detailed changelogs.
  • Of course you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Early Access Roadmap


Phase 1

The first thing we need to do is make sure that everyone has a good gaming experience. The game hasn’t been tested by a large group of gamers, so we are expecting to face a number of problems, be it technical or gameplay related. Gathering feedback and fixing bugs will be our first priority. We’re hoping this won’t take too long, but it’s really hard to predict.

Phase 2

Once we are happy with game stability and general experience, we will move on to phase 2. Of course, bug-fixing and balancing the game will not end yet, but we should be able to start working on the next features of the game. Here is what we’d like to include in the first big update of the game:

  • Enable the 2 additional character classes (they are more or less complete by now, but we have disabled them as, unlike the Warrior character class, they are not balanced or polished) and balance them
  • Enable quest mastering (currently you can only fight each quest boss once on the normal difficulty setting)

If everything goes smoothly, this should take about a month of our team’s work.

Phase 3

Hopefully, by now most of the game will be bug-free and we’ll be able to focus on polishing the experience. We’d like to:

  • Add many more sounds and enable spatial sound effects
  • Add more variety to catacombs and hell tilesets (currently the first of the 3 tilesets has much more props and color schemes than the other two)

We can never have enough time to polish everything, as we always have more and more ideas what could be made better, but we will try to get it done in another month.

Phase 4+

After that, our plans are vaguer. Theoretically, we could exit early access, as the game would be feature complete, balanced, polished and bug-free. But this will depend on the community. If there is enough interest we’d love to add more features to the game, be it a level-editor or maybe advanced modding tools. We have the technology to do so, so it would only be a matter of time.

But for now, we must focus on Phase 1 🙂

Please note, that Early Access will be heavily influenced by the community, so plans might change a bit, new ideas might come up, but the main points should stay valid.

So keep your fingers crossed (as we are currently doing) for both Book of Demons and for us! 🙂


  • Michele Pace Bonello


    First and foremost, Thank you for this game.
    It ticks so many boxes in the RPG/Card/Limited Time/Nostalgia/Fun demands of a 30+ year old husband, father, full time employee and gamer.

    This game is pure gold. Even the poop has gold in it!

    Will Theif and Mage be unlocked or will they require finishing the game with the warrior?
    Also, do you plan any customization for the characters? Maybe a female warrior or a Mage with white hair etc… simple swap-in models?

    • Filip Starzynski


      It’s great to hear that you like the game. From your description, you are facing the same challenges as we do when it comes to games (and time to play them). I miss the time when I was 14 years old and could play for the whole weekend 🙂

      We are working on the next characters as we speak and will be enabling them in the next months. To play Rogue or Mage you will have to play only a little with a Warrior character (we want to make sure that the basic mechanics of the game are understood). But you won’t need to finish the game (you won’t event need to finish the first quest).

      For the time being, we don’t plan to add character customization as it requires a lot of additional work. New game features are our main priorities.