Book of Demons Sneak-Peek Details

Although Book of Demons is still in development, people who are anxious to see our game in action will soon have an opportunity to check it out. In just 4 days, the game will be live on Steam in the Early Access program. So if you don’t want to miss the launch, be sure to add Book of Demons to your wishlist. Additionally, on the same day, we will be starting a small exclusive preview for the members of our own Sneak-Peek program.

If for any reason, you don’t want to jump on the Steam Early Access bandwagon, joining the Sneak-Peek program might be a good idea. Here are the main differences between Sneak-Peek and Early Access:

  • Sneak-Peek membership is free and it doesn’t have any special requirements, but it also comes without any guarantees.
  • Anyone who buys the Steam Early Access key will be able to play the game on Steam right on Thursday. Sneak-Peek will be different, as we will be sending keys to members in small batches (probably around 100 keys each week). The main reason behind it is that we will be doing A-B tests, and checking if the improvements in subsequent versions are actually making the game better.
  • Early Access users will be able to play the whole game, while in the Sneak-Peek, the game will be limited to the first quest chapter (about 1-2 hours of gameplay).
  • Both versions will feature multiple ways of helping us polish the game, eliminate bugs and shape its future development. There will be a feedback widget allowing you to send notes at any point in the game. Also, there will be an optional survey.
  • We will be selecting a few users from each Sneak-Peek round and promoting them to full Early Access. This will be based on the quality of the given feedback 🙂
  • On the Early Access side, each month we will be selecting a single user (also based on feedback quality) and awarding him/her with a supporters bundle key (giving access to all future R2G games!).

I hope all the differences are clear. If you wish to join Sneak-Peek you can do it here. In the past, we had a lot of success running similar early test programs at Codeminion and we hope that this time we will also be able to build a small community dedicated to making the game as good as we possibly can.

Anyway, Book of Demons will be in the hands of many gamers this Thursday. Saying that we are excited about it, would be a grand understatement 😉 We know the game is not finished yet, and we still have lots of plans to make it better and more feature-rich. So pushing the live button is pretty scary for us. On the other hand people who already played the game tell us that it reached a point where it can actually be played and enjoyed. So we can’t be hiding it forever 😉

And if you can’t wait till Thursday, clik on the GIF below to jump to an awesome exclusive gameplay preview feature video made by Gamespot:

Gamespot: Book of Demons Exclusive Preview