In the last few updates we’ve been covering some important design influences and decisions, but today I’d like to change the subject a bit and for a moment return to the visual side of things. It is something of a tradition for us to start projects with a logo design. While we already had a black and white early draft the time has come to polish it up. After all, the logo is the first thing the player sees.

The logo is not yet final, as we haven’t decided yet on the final color palette for the game. Even though there are plenty of options to choose from, the cherry red and cyan combo is the current frontrunner. We feel that this combination nicely conveys both the cold technological threat of an alien invasion and the urgency and high stakes of the situation.

The logo that you know from the Steam store page (shown below on the right) is just a placeholder. At some point, we will update it to the final version.

You can tell how much of a leap we made from the early black-and-white draft, through the current placeholder to the final quality. Of course, as with Book of Demons, the black and white silhouette logo will be sticking around for use where simplicity and readability will be paramount.

Also, with this logo iteration, we’re trying to do better than we did with the Book of Demons logo. The BoD logo was too dark and not sharp/clear enough. It often needed boosted contrast and brightness when placed on busy backgrounds. At times we even had to add a black vignette under it like in Steam library tile.

This time we hope none of that will be required. Here you can compare both Book of Demons and Book of Aliens logos:

Take care and stay safe!