Book of Demons is …. SUPERHOT!

The more you cast down the hotter it gets… until it’s SUPERHOT!


We created Superhot inspired challenges and a contest for you (more info further down)! To celebrate that, this week we are doing a bundle with awesome guys from SUPERHOT.

Time moves only when you move

All of the challenges will have one thing in common – the iconic time mechanic from Superhot. Time flows only when you move. This element will add to the strategic part of the game, as you will be able to see clearly what’s happening even in the most chaotic situations. The rest… come and see! We can’t spoil the whole fun now, can we? 

The first one-day long pilot challenge will start today at 10 AM PST / 19 PM CEST. The rest will change as usual 3 times a week (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday), there will be 7 of them in total. The last challenge will END on October 24th at 10 AM PST / 19:00 CEST.

Visual twist

Of course, the dungeons got redecorated for the duration of the event challenges with white, red and black being the key colors. 


Don’t have Book of Demons and SUPERHOT yet or want to gift a copy of them to a friend? Now is the opportunity to get one for free!

To celebrate this fun Superhot challenge, we prepared a contest for you. We know that you appreciate the bosses’ names in Book of Demons, with names such as Gym Spirit, Usain Goat, Piece of Stone or Glu Glu. We figured – why not give you a chance to be creative too? Hence:

What to do:

  • Join our Discord server
  • Come up with a Superhot-themed name for a boss in Book of Demons! Write your answer in the #giveaways channel on our Discord server.
  • Don’t forget to explain why you chose that name!

The contest starts now and we’ll pick 3 lucky winners on October 24th. 


Stay safe in Superhot paper dungeons!