Book of Demons – A year in Early Access

When we launched Book of Demons through Steam Early Access a year ago we had a pretty fixed plan for the future. We knew that the first month or so we would be focusing on bug fixing and stability issues. The game was already tested in-house and by our gamedev friends but that proved to be only a drop in the ocean. Next, we planned to release 2 additional character classes…

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Why is selling good games so hard? Book of Demons Early Access launch postmortem.

It seems like it was yesterday, but it’s actually been two months since we launched Book of Demons on Steam Early Access. Although most of our team at Thing Trunk has vast experience in game dev, this was the first Early Access launch for all of us. So how did it go and did we learn anything? Read on to learn all the pretty and all the ugly details […]

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Making of the Paperverse, the art-style that binds Return 2 Games

A little over a month ago we revealed Book of Demons, the first game in our upcoming Return 2 Games series. Since then a lot of people have been complimenting and asking us about the paper art-style we adopted. This feels great because we put a lot of effort into making everything the way it looks now and the road to getting here was a really bumpy one. Hope you enjoy the story how it all came to be.

Developing the paper art style for R2G took us almost two years, so one might ask, why the need for an art-style at all? Why didn’t we just make “normal” realistic graphics and be done with it? And why did it take so long? […]

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