Dynamic music update!

They say music makes the world go round, so in today’s update, we make it go round and round with way more music! In your feedback you often pointed out the lack of variety in music and that it feels static, not contributing to the excitement of more intense combat. Well, that’s about to change.

Better… stronger… faster!

Once again we decided to lay the burden of composing the music on the shoulders of Paweł Błaszczak. Paweł, who also created the original Book of Demons soundtrack, is a renowned music composer. You probably heard some of his tracks playing Witcher, Dying Light, Call of Juarez or EVE Online. So we knew the sound is in good hands.

But new tracks are only a part of this update – the machinery underneath also changed. Let me introduce you to our new *dynamic music system*!

The music will change to more dynamic as you approach tougher fights with clutches of enemies or trigger bosses and cursed chests. This should build more tension and introduce a lot more variety during your runs.

Book of Aliens and Book of Demons: Hellcard

In case you missed the 2020 Roadmap post from December, we have a surprise for you! In short, we have not one but *two* new games in the oven right now:

  • Book of Demons: Hellcard – a cooperative roguelike deckbuilder supporting both single and multiplayer modes and which has more in common with games such as Slay the Spire than with action RPG’s.
  • Book of Aliens – the next installment in the Return 2 Games series and our take on the turn-based tactical game with overreaching global strategy. And it’s a tribute to MicroProse’ UFO: Enemy Unknown.

You can read more about them in the original Announcement post – just click!

If the above games sound like something you might enjoy, be sure to wishlist. Wishlisting makes the game more visible on Steam so it’s not only a great way of keeping up to date with the game but also a huge help for the game itself.

And if you are not hooked yet – we will be posting dev updates along the way. In fact, you can expect some more detailed information on the progress quite soon.

Final notes

As usual, I encourage you to join our Discord server on which we plan to unveil all the magic of early development. All that in the form of brand new dedicated Sneak Peek channels where we will be posting news about the games and development process.

You can set notifications for both channels (read more on notifications on #About-SP Discord channel). If you wish to follow the games’ development more closely, Sneak Peek channels are the way to go!

Click here to join the server!

Stay safe in the world of Paperverse!