Get Book of Demons for iPad!

The day has come – Book of Demons finally hit iPads! Today, on February the 13th (sadly not Friday but what can you do!), you can descend into Hell tapping your way through demonic hordes and hellish cooks – all made out of paper! The game is available on Apple Store for just $4.99 (launch week promotion, the regular price will be $9.99 so grab it while it’s hot).

We introduced a bunch of changes into the Tablet Edition, making elements such as shields a bit easier to hit, and completely reworking control scheme to make it touch-control friendly. It’s as responsive as you would expect it to be, and the only thing that might be lacking from the tactile experience is the feeling of crumpled paper you would expect from a pop-up book game!

Book of Demons: Tablet Edition requires iOS 13 to run and is available on iPad devices. This version is also up-to-date with the current PC build and contains all the content. You can now take your demon-killing everywhere you want, and let’s face it: there is no setting unfit for a classic evil-fighting adventure.

Tell your wife, tell your kids and spread the word in general: Book of Demons Tablet Edition is out!

And as always,
Stay safe in the paper dungeons (and join us on Discord)!