Let’s kick this update off with the mundane, also known as the screens! We have finally implemented the main menu screen. The unearthly tentacles embracing the Old Cathedral still need some polish, but we are pretty happy with how it all came together. 

Those of you who are with us from the first pre-alpha public test might remember the very spartan lobby window. It got upgraded to a fully-fledged Lobby Screen. Not only can you now see other characters in the party (important, but we will come back to this in a moment) but also get info on their status and progress. 

Last, but very far from least, the Map Screen is now implemented. This one is important not only as a quality of life feature but also as a core mechanic element. The party can choose here which monster will dominate in the next fight and what awaits them after the battle. Slow but unyielding zombies guarding a mighty artifact or rather skeleton archers trying to cut you off from the campsite that could offer much-needed rest? Your pick. 


Aside from new screens and windows we also implemented new artifacts! A few examples:

  • Prism – upgrades one Mage starting card to a higher rarity
  • First blood – when (and if!) the owner manages to kill the first enemy in a fight they get healed
  • Unripe banana – at the end of the turn converts all unspent mana to block
  • Evergreen leaf – whenever anyone in the party is healed, whoever carries this artifact is also healed!


Sounds simple but adding a tooltip system is a huge help even for us. Until now we had to learn by heart the function of every artifact and card, now we can simply hover the cursor over them. Hopefully, you will find this feature as helpful as we do!

The Mark mechanic

Mark is another card mechanic we implemented this month. It’s intended to incentivize coordination between players and allows for impressive nuking if the party can play as a team.

It works like this: one (and only one at the same time) monster in a battle can be marked. The marked monster receives increased damage. Everyone can increase the mark, transfer it to another monster, double it, and more. 

The marked target is of course highlighted so everyone in the party knows it’s doomed. And, especially, so it would know it’s doomed. 


We continue to work on icons for new cards for all classes. See if you can spot the mark-related cards in the mix!

At the same time, more variety is being introduced to arenas. Fighting in similar-looking dull dungeons gets… dull.

Finally, we get to talk about why seeing other party members gathered in the Town center on the lobby screen is important. How else could they appreciate the custom outfit that you fought so hard to get? After all, just like with the same-looking dungeons, fighting in the same outfit as other guys is boring. Just look at this Warrior embracing his inner berserker bear! 

Or rather his external bear. You get what I mean. 

As always, 
Stay safe in the paper dungeons!