A lot happened in the development since the last update. We have added a new communication system, new cards, monster mechanics… All very interesting stuff and Filip would love to tell you about it. Sadly, he is swamped with adding even more stuff so I will fill in for him and write this update. 

And I believe it’s better to show than tell so, without further ado, we are planning a closed beta of the Hellcard Demo build to start on the 9th of September. See the new features yourself and help us polish and debug the demo to be ready to go public. Because yes, it will be public soon(™). 

Sign up using this form: https://forms.gle/LTxdyuk87PtBtHRK9 and, optionally, join our Discord to keep in touch with us and the community. Keys to the beta will be distributed on a first come first served basis in batches.

Oh, this demo beta will, of course, feature co-op multiplayer mode, so make sure to get your friends to sign up for keys. Single-player mode will be available as well, however, it won’t have AI companions yet

As always, 
Stay safe in the paper dungeons, and see you on the 9th.