We have been working on what we call the “Influence system”. It handles every effect that is not instant but acts over time. By combining skills, buffs, and debuffs in one neat system we can now add, remove and activate a variety of effects that affect either a single character or are global. Activation conditions can be customized so this allows us to implement effects that tick after a number of turns, tick after a set amount of damage is dealt or tick after any other condition we might come up with. 


The aforementioned Influence system allowed us to implement more types of cards, including:

  • Cards that use influence for effects that span multiple turns
    • Armageddon card which deals damage to all monsters four turns after being played. 
    • Momentum card that gives other heroes block whenever you play an attack card.
  • Artifacts. You will be able to pick up artifacts between fights and they will offer permanent effects. Examples:
    • Kielbasa artifact that lowers the cost of one random card from starting hand to 0 mana. 
    • Silver mirror artifact that gives extra block to another hero every time they give you block.

We have also reimplemented the communications rose some of you already know from the pre-alpha tests. It lets you quickly communicate with other players via markers. It still uses work-in-progress visuals but is fully functional. Also, there will be more emotes to pick from in the final builds!


In the visual design department, we have been focusing on the game’s logo, adding more paper feel to it. You can judge the results yourself:

And we have finalized icons for the first batch of artifacts. Try and guess their names, so we can see if the icons are readable 😉

As always, 

Stay safe in the paper dungeons!