They say that the journey is more important than the destination. Still, though, let’s talk about end bosses!

And it’s bosses in the plural, you read that right. You will find out which boss you will be facing only after the run begins and each boss requires a different approach. 

The Archdemon

His unique feature, aside from way overdeveloped quadriceps, is the Round Robin influence. When he is in the battle no player can play two cards in a row (as long as there are at least two players alive). This calls for great coordination between players. Or just make sure your teammates die quickly so you can solo him without card limits.

The Antipope

His unique feature makes a comeback from the pre-alpha. Sinister Reverence makes sure that the players can play a total limited number of cards per turn. This severely limits high rotation decks’ feasibility and, again, requires good teamwork to beat. 


We continue adding content, including new artifacts. Here are two highlights:

Tiny Bamboo – On future Card Reward screens you have 1 additional card to choose from.

Lump of Coal – One of the cards is always legendary when picking a Card Reward.

Monster Features

We added the…

Arcane Shield – a monster with this feature can never get more than 4 damage in a single hit. Which makes cards dealing multiple low dmg attacks a viable option.

Changes to some locations options

  • You can now pick Explore when in Ruins. This one gives you a chance to find gemstones.
  • Plan option in the Hideout now lets you choose a card that will always be in your starting hand until the end of the whole run. Which is very neat. 



Work continues on the intro. Here you can see how the cathedral looked like in the good old days before the whole Archdemon ordeal:

The Cave

Here is another look at the Cave location (this one has trains!):

As always, Stay safe in the paper dungeons!