Most major backend systems are already implemented, which means we can move into the predictable realm of producing content. We will be tweaking stuff when it comes to the backbone but we don’t expect any major changes.


With backend systems completed, this is where the work is focusing right now. We have also added five new monsters. Some of them you already know, but now they are implemented on the new systems. Right now we are adding visual effects to them. 

We are playtesting the game regularly and our main focus this month was on basic card visual effects. These include card movement on draw or play, effects on exhaust (some cards can be used only once in a battle and then they are exhausted), or adding a new card to the deck during battle. Especially that last one has to be noticeable for obvious reasons. All this makes the testing more and more a pleasant experience as the game becomes more readable and, well, nicer looking. Not to mention it makes spotting bugs much easier when cards don’t just pop into existence between frames!

We also implemented Character Creation and Selection screens:


We have finalized the design of all the cards for all characters (more than 300 cards total). This means we can start implementing cards at full throttle. Of course, we are prepared for changes in the cards. But changes will be a result of feedback from closed and open tests. For now, we are happy with the design and proceed with implementation. 

Last but not least, we have also finalized one more location illustration:

As always, 

Stay safe in the paper dungeons!

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