The Mage has arrived!

Book of Demons just got the biggest update so far. After a short testing phase on a different branch on Steam, we are happy to announce that the long-awaited Mage character is now available to everyone and playable. You can, at last, fight monsters in the paper dungeon using real magic.


Mage is a powerful mystic proficient in all kinds of magic. Wearing only a robe he leaves direct face-to-face combat to his summoned minion, himself bringing devastation from a safe distance.

Mage’s attacks work a little different from Warrior’s. His projectiles are guided and will avoid other monsters to reach their target, but they can still hit walls. That’s why, for a Mage, fighting in tight spaces can be problematic and requires more tactical approach.

But for those (and any other) occasions he has some awesome cards up his sleeve. Mage class comes with 16 new unique class specific cards. Master each of the 11 new spells, 4 artifacts, and 1 item find synergies between them and use them according to situation – and no monster or boss will stand a chance!

Mage spell cards at a glance:

  • Fireball

    Fireball – This spell card charges Mage with multiple flaming missiles that you can shoot using your RMB. You don’t even need to click exactly on a monster. Those crafty little balls of fire will seek the target by themselves.

  • Cold Nova

    Cold Nova – For a Mage, fighting up close is undesired. When monsters jump at him or come too near, use this spell to throw them away, slow or even freeze them. Try hitting icicles in the process for more devastating cold power!

  • Teleport

    Teleport – No need to run when you can simply teleport out of danger. Or right into the eye of the storm.

  • Lightning

    Lightning – Nothing like a little spark of electricity cast into a group of monsters. Even better, a lightning that jumps from one target to another.

  • Ice Wall

    Ice Wall – One of Mage’s favorite way of protecting himself against charging monsters or incoming missiles is a wall made of icicles. And if an upgraded version also freezes enemies, that’s even better.

  • Mass Dispel

    Mass Dispel – Mage likes to be the only casting one in the dungeons. Using this spell interrupts every skill that can be dispelled.

  • Golem

    Golem – He may be a little dumb and not a good conversation partner but in terms of protecting his master, Golem is second to none.

  • Meteor

    Meteor – No one really knows how a Mage can summon a meteor inside the dungeon but who cares when a rock heated to a thousand degrees falls down burning everything on its way.

  • Holy Bolt

    Holy Bolt – When fighting Demons, Skeletons, Zombies or Ghost try greeting them with this holy spell. For hellish monsters, that’s what heaven feels like.

  • Ice Bolt

    Ice Bolt – Freezing bolts prepared by this spell can be shoot using RMB. Best to use on fire monsters. The effect is guaranteed.

  • Mana Sphere

    Mana Sphere – This protection spell can not only absorb incoming damage but also spawn mana globes when doing so. Very handy.

Mage artifacts:

  • Book of Fire

    Book of Fire – When you have to remember so many spells it’s good to have some written help that can not only enhance your normal attack with fire but also those of your Golem.

  • Staff of Lightning

    Staff of Lightning – This mystical artifact spawns bolts of electricity from unsuspecting monsters when they are hit with Mage’s magical attack.

  • Magic Robe

    Magic Robe – Orbs summoned by this magic piece of armor knock nearby enemies out. Perfect for keeping them far away.

  • Book of Ice

    Book of Ice – This manuscript is filled with ice magic that can boost Mage’s every action.

Mage items:

  • Hourglass

    Hourglass – Mage has only one class specific item card, but it’s extremely powerful. With it the Mage can slow the time around him. It can be used both offensively or defensively depending on the situation, so use it wisely.

Together, there are 16 class specific Mage cards to collect. Of course, they can be combined with the 16 common cards that are shared between character classes in Book of Demons.

To play a fragile but powerful Mage you need to have at least a level 5 Warrior character already on your profile. So if you don’t have one, you will need to learn the game basics playing Warrior first. But leveling, in the beginning, is very fast, so, either way, you will be able to check out the Mage in no time.

And please remember that Book of Demons is still in early access and this is the first version of the game featuring the Mage character, so things might be rough at places and it might take some time before every quirk is ironed out.

Besides Mage, this update introduces a lot of fixes, balance changes and some quality of life tweaks. You can find the full changelog here.

Roadmap update

The next major update will, of course, be the third and last Rogue character class, but before it’s ready we want to do a big card system overhaul, that will make discovering rare and legendary cards really exciting. That’s why we moved Rogue update for later January.