Roguelike mode comes out of beta!

It is time for the September’s major update. Let’s quickly run through all the new stuff.

Roguelike mode is out of beta

After three months in beta, we are satisfied with the general stability and balance of the roguelike mode, which is why it’s time for it to exit the cocoon. This doesn’t mean we won’t be adjusting minor stuff of course, but gameplay wise roguelike mode offers the unique permadeath experience we hoped for.


This update adds over 450 new sounds and remastered version of selected old ones. Many cards get their own sound and dungeons should sound more lively. Finally, the game sounds like we wanted it to sound!


Aside from a lot of new sounds we are also adding over 300 new lines of spoken dialogues and one-liners. Expect all characters to get a lot more chatty and crack occasional jokes. They will comment on fights and events in the game.

More card variants!

Many of you asked for this feature so we ironed out a few code quirks and now you will be able to find rare magical cards with two properties. And yes, left and right winged cards are possible. Not only that, occasionally a card with three properties can be found.

And disenchantable too!

But wait, there is more! Since this boosts the number of cards that can be found by a few thousands we also added card disenchanting. For a modest amount of gold, you can destroy a variant you have no use for to get back a rune card.

Full changelog

Version 0.96.17062+ 5h September 2018

  • Magic cards now can have up to three properties
  • Magic cards can now be disenchanted into Rune cards
  • Added notification when the player has found all common cards in the game
  • Added over 450 new sounds
  • Added over 300 new lines of spoken dialogues (except the Mage, recording his voice took longer than expected)
  • Added a few new easter eggs
  • Skipping cutscenes in dungeon now requires holding key down for 1.5 second to avoid accidental skipping
  • Fixed Skeleton Belt’s bonus values when browsing unequipped potion card variants
  • Added in-game disclaimer about tutorials. Shown on the first dungeon entry.
  • Amulet magical bonuses (like passive health bonus) will work in Roguelike mode regardless of the target
  • Fixed an issue with Archdemon Sweep skill triggering after loading a game saved when fighting him
  • Fixed Cook not saying his lines on 3rd mastering level
  • Improved and extended tutorials
  • Made crows more explodey
  • Added new “Ready for magic” achievement
  • Added new “Ready for stories” achievement
  • Added new “A-maze-ing!” achievement
  • Added new “Don’t Die Hard” achievement
  • Added new “Master Chef” achievement
  • Added new “Craving Battle” achievement
  • Added new “Golden pot” achievement
  • Added new “1 step back” achievement

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