New Year’s Resolutions

Beginning of January is a very important time for most of us. We make plans for the whole new year. We analyze what went wrong in the previous year, what we could have done better. We consider every mistake and study each success.

Some of us make a very thoughtful list of New Year’s Resolution, frame it and hang it above their desk to always have it in their sight. Others spent hours looking for the best mobile app which tracks progress of each and every resolution. They share them on Facebook and compete with friends in a New Year’s Resolution Race.

Here, at Thing Trunk, we treat planning very seriously. We have spent countless hours during this first days of 2016 to create a comprehensive list of everything that we should complete in the next 365 days. The Ultimate Thing Trunk 2016 Resolution Catalog puts together our goals and ambitions. It is true for both us as a team and for each and every one of us. Not to brag, but we have created something extraordinary – the king of lists, the champion of plans, the Strategy Hero:


Keep your fingers crossed to help us stick to our commitment 🙂