Tis’ the season for being sick, so work was going slower than usual. At some point, we had more team members sick than not! Still, we have made some significant progress in both backend systems and visual design.  


We have been working on what we are calling a “visual block editor” for monsters’ behaviours. It enables the design team to add new monsters quickly and experiment with their AI without bothering programmers. The funny thing is, the editor is actually neither “visual” nor “block”. It uses our engine’s object tree allowing for complex behaviours to be nested in a relatively easy way on the fly when playing the game. Here is how it looks:

This is what passes for a convenient visual block editor around here!


In the gameplay department, we have been working on basic card mechanics like drawing, playing, and discarding cards. Fundamental stuff that has to be done right so we could build upon it. 


Design work continues on mock-ups for windows and screens. It’s a lot of work to put all the windows together in-game but we are making steady progress. Going for maximum clarity and compactness here. Here you can see a Rewards Window mockup already in-game:

Work is also progressing in designing locations for various events. Here we are designing the locations and already sketching and visually prototyping them, working in parallel to speed up the production. Here is a sample of our work in progress:

As always,
Stay safe in the paper dungeons!