Online Battles event is live!

One recurring request during Early Access was to add multiplayer to the game. We researched that and experimented but in the end, it became obvious we can’t do it without rewriting the game from scratch. However, while experimenting we came up with a multiplayer competitive mode that works and we had a surprising amount of fun playing it.

We decided to share this experiment with you. So, without further ado, we present…

Online Battles

What are Online Battles? It’s a timed event that will run for a week starting now. Two players are matched together. Both competing heroes share the same class, same random cards, and the same dungeon.

After initial 20 seconds for picking a hand out of random cards, the battle begins. Each time a player slays a monster, a shadow of this monster will spawn in opponent’s dungeon. Shadows are tinted red and while they can deal damage and be killed they don’t count against total monsters count. Whoever kills all the enemies (excluding shadows spawned by the opponent) wins! There is no way to interact with the other player besides throwing your defeated enemies at him. Watch your opponents moves, time your kills well to throw a wrench in his plans.

Why? For fun and science!

It’s very important to stress that this is not a completely finished product. It’s more of an experiment we put together and are sharing after hewing the roughest of edges. This is our first attempt at multiplayer so we hope it will work reasonably well and you will have fun with it.

We would love to include multiplayer in all future games and we are looking forward to learning a lot from this experiment.

Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback.

As always,
Stay safe in the paper dungeons (and slay faster than the other guy)