People behind the Trunk

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To better understand what Thing Trunk is creating and why, it’s good to have a bit of historical context. Thing Trunk was a created for the specific purpose of making the Return 2 Games series. The founders hailed from two companies, Codeminion and Twin Bottles.


Codeminion was created by Maciej Biedrzycki and Konrad Olesiewicz. It focused on the casual game market, and fathered such hits as Magic Match, Saqqarah and Phantasmat. At the time, the studio published a steady stream of bestselling games that often pushed the boundaries of what was considered the casual games genre.


Twin Bottles was a gamedev studio created by Filip Starzyński and Konstanty Kalicki. It released a few games (most notably, our casual take on the classic hardcore adventure-game mechanic in Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal). It also created a lot of non-commercial educational games for various NGOs that specialise in helping children with disabilities and emotional problems.

The Thing Trunk team has been growing (and shrinking, and growing again) from the start in 2012 and now also includes Krzysztof Rutkowski (programming) and Stanisław Sożyński (content creation). For those of you who wish to learn more about us, the About page contains links to full profiles of everyone on our small team. We tried to keep the bios short and humorous, but also accurate. We hope you enjoy reading them and getting to know us.

As you can see the Thing Trunk team is very small. And as you will soon see, the project we are working on is ambitious, complex and anything but simple to develop. But for what we lack in resources, we make up with experience, passion, sweat and tears. Hopefully this will all show in what we will reveal in the coming months.

The project we are working on is ambitious, complex and anything but simple to develop.