Preorder Book of Demons for iPad!

As you know from previous announcements we have been working on bringing Book of Demons to iPads.

Time for an update on that: we are finishing the beta tests and getting very positive feedback from players. Bugs are ironed out, controls are crafted with iPad in mind and the game runs smoothly. The current build looks so good in fact, that we have already locked the launch date.

Sounds like a lucky date to us. Preorders are starting now, and since we are doing a steep launch discount you can get the Tablet edition for a mere $4.99. Ask the Rogue, she will tell you it’s a steal.

The game will require iOS 13 and will be available only for iPads. Feature-wise it’s up to date with current PC builds, although the control scheme is different and crafted for the tablet experience.

Tell your kids, tell your wife! Word of mouth is still the best ally of indie developer so let your iPad-owning-friends know!

As always,
Stay safe in the paper dungeons!

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