Book of Demons to headline the launch of new Ethereum-powered game distribution platform by Gamenation


Warsaw, Poland - November 7, 2017/ Thing Trunk, authors of the acclaimed hack & slash Book of Demons, announced today that their game will be the launch title of the new Ethereum-based game distribution platform by Gamenation. With this project, Gamenation promises to solve the biggest problems independent developers are facing with the promotion and distribution of their games.


Gamers who own ether cryptocurrency can now purchase a Steam Key for Book of Demons on The transactions are secure thanks to smart-contract technology and the funds are instantly processed by the block-chain and deposited in the vendor’s wallet. Normally, when developers sell their games on platforms such as Steam or Humble Store, they have to wait, sometimes as long as 2 months, before they receive the royalty payments. Furthermore, to receive the payments, they need to reach platform defined minimum sales thresholds and they incur the costs of wire transfers which can be significant especially in case of international payments.


Building on the strengths of Ethereum smart contracts, Gamenation also attempts to solve the biggest problem Indie developers are facing nowadays - the problem of game discovery. The idea is to include influencers, such as YouTube or Twitch content creators, and give them a cut of the profits from the sales of the games they are promoting. When making a sale using a smart contract, it’s trivially easy to have the income split between multiple parties – be it developers (companies or individuals), publishers, marketers and, most importantly, influencers.


Details of the platform are described in the medium post by Gamenation here:


Initially, the project is being actively supported by the following prominent influencers, with more to come soon:

-       GamerForLife (IT) - 11.5K subscribers

-       Oxem (FR) - 35K subscribers

-       KillrobPlays (NZ) - 5K subscribers

-       Gimper (PL) - 1.2M subscribers

-       Kolega Ignacy (PL) - 300K subscribers


Thing Trunk is proud to support Gamenation in their efforts to build a game distribution platform for the future and honored that their game was chosen as the launch title. The developers have shared their views about the whole project in a post on Gamasutra:


About Gamenation

Gamenation is a Poland based start-up, created in 2017 by a group of marketing, consulting and tech veterans. The team is building a blockchain-based platform re-connecting game developers, influencers, and gamers to their mutual benefit. Gamenation is a part of Gameset network - gaming marketing agency.


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For more information contact Maciej Skrzypczak, CEO:


About Book of Demons

Book of Demons is Thing Trunk’s award-winning, deck-building hack & slash, with unique mechanics and papercraft graphics, that launched on Steam Early Access in July 2016. Since then, the game has amassed over 1000 user reviews and holds an Overwhelmingly Positive rating. The game has already earned several awards including Best Game Art at Casual Connect 2016 in Tel Aviv.


Download a free demo of Book of Demons here:


Book of Demons is part of Thing Trunk’s Return 2 Games series, which focuses on creating memorable and engaging titles inspired by the early days of PC gaming. For more information, visit the Book of Demons official website:


About Thing Trunk

Thing Trunk is an independent game development studio based in Warsaw, Poland. The core team is comprised of six dedicated developers. The 3 founders - Filip Starzyński, Konstanty Kalicki, and Maciej Biedrzycki - are casual game industry veterans who (despite a level of success) became disappointed with the miring trends in the market and scrapped their former brands (Codeminon and Twinbottles) to focus solely on the ambitious Return 2 Games idea. Since then they are trying to prove that making AAA quality content is possible in a small but experienced team with lots of passion.


Developer blog:




For more information, please contact Filip Starzynski:




Game info:

Developer: Thing Trunk

Publisher: Thing Trunk

Genre: Hack & slash

Platforms: Windows, Mac (Coming 2018), Xbox One (coming 2018)

Price: $19.99

Free demo: available here

Screenshot / promo arts pack: here

Logos / keyart pack: here

Full press kit: here