Quest Mastering and the new Archdemon quest!

Quest mastering!

Before you ask, the golden keys are making a comeback. The number of keys you have accumulated will be readjusted to the new system when you start the game for the first time after the update. This is necessary because we have changed drop rates a bit and, as some of you might remember, there used to be a bug that would fill some dungeons with hundreds of golden chests filled with golden keys. Ah, the good old days. But back to the mastering itself. You can now use golden keys to unlock much more difficult versions of quest boss levels to test your skill. Keep in mind that Quest Mastering levels and bosses were balanced for certain character level. If a quest proves too demanding you can always gain more levels in free play and come back later. Defeated bosses during quest mastering drop legendary cards (assuming there are any left to be dropped of course) so it’s worth a shot. Or multiple shots since some bosses are meant to be challenging on higher mastering levels.

The new Archdemon’s dungeon

The old Archdemon quest left something to be desired in our opinion so we tweaked it a bit. The new one has unique challenges and bosses. The Archdemon himself learned a few new tricks as well. Not to mention that the new level has significantly more ducks than it used to! And once we add all the new voiceovers it will truly shine!

In other news

We fixed a number of bugs in this release, among them the double attacks the hero performed when clicking on a shield. That resulted in shields being much easier to crush. I wonder why no one reported that one. We are now working on adding all the new sounds to the game and post-processing and adding the new voiceovers that our super talented voice actors recorded for us. Once we are done you will hear a lot more one-liners (and situational comments) from our heroes bosses and townsfolk. Last but not least, an option was added to disable auto attack by changing a value in the custom settings file. If anyone is interested in that hop into forums for more details!

Full changelog

Full changelog Version 0.94.16723+ 18th July 2018
  • Quest mastering is now available
  • The new Archdemon quest is available
  • Legendary Vampiric Gloves will no longer pick up items even when not equipped or disabled
  • Belarusian language community translation added to the game
  • Fixed a bug where shields could be slashed at twice normal speed
  • When finding a stolen card that cannot be equipped notification with card’s type will be shown
  • Card Mana Sphere now has 30% chance to absorb damage instead of 50%
  • Card Epic Arrow now deals 1 damage instead of 4 (card claimed to deal 3 dmg but there was a bug)
  • Balance: Deathrage gold cost is now higher
  • Balance in Roguelite mode: potions drop rate is now lower
  • Balance in Roguelite mode: resurrection cost increase is now higher
  • Archdemon quest outro can now be skipped
  • Three new Roguelike achievements
  • Fixed Eeny Meeny achievement
  • Razer Chroma support can now be disabled in the config file
  • Autoattack can now be disabled in the config file
  • Razer Chroma support temporarily disabled for testing purposes
As always, Slay safe in the dungeons