Roguelike and Casual game modes!

What initially started as difficulty settings eventually ended as different modes. The changes run deep, rendering Daredevil setting absolute, among other things.
Both new modes are in what we consider a beta stage. This means we will closely watch their balance and it would be super awesome if you could report any glitches you encounter via the feedback widget. We can’t fix what we don’t know about! Of course feel free to write down your thoughts on the new modes as well, we appreciate all the feedback we get! But first things first. Without a further ado, let me present the new game modes!
This one actually is not new, it’s the mode you all know. It remains as it used to be. Characters playing this mode are eligible for the “First death” leaderboard (one on new leaderboards in a moment). Characters created in this mode can also be switched to Casual mode at any time (however, they will be recorded in the “First death” leaderboard when they are switched for the first time).
Looking for a relaxed run? Look no more. In this mode:
  • healing is much easier with rapidly replenishing fountains
  • fights mechanics are more forgiving and monsters less vicious
  • at any time you can switch to the Normal mode.
We heard that the game was too easy, so… In this mode:
  • fountains do not replenish
  • amulets work only in combat
  • healer finally got a shred of business sense and is charging for healing in town
  • Healing, mana and rejuvenation potions cannot be charged in town
  • Switching item card variant won’t refund gold for charges lost (and it will discard current charges)
  • Cards drop in a completely random order and are usable regardless of any level requirements
  • Resurrection after death costs gold and the cost increases with each death. Looks like the healer has some serious gambling debts to pay… Anyway once you run out of gold the character dies permanently and is immortalized in the “Final death” leaderboard
  • Once a rogue always a rogue – character created in this mode cannot be switched to any other mode
  • Characters eligible for “Final death” leaderboard
  • Characters eligible for “First death” leaderboard
We are introducing new leaderboards – the old style Daredevil is no more! While we are keeping old leaderboards (and new scores will be uploaded there until game’s launch) the Daredevil mode now will work differently. All characters playing Normal mode will have their first death recorded in the “First death leaderboard” and can continue playing afterward but won’t be recorded in the leaderboards again. Additionally, all characters playing in Roguelike mode will be recorded in the”Final death” leaderboard exclusive for Roguelike mode. While we will be keeping all-time leaderboard data for posterity the public leaderboards will be wiped on a monthly basis.
In other news, this update changes a lot of stuff under the hood, so saved dungeons will get regenerated on the first load. Besides the new modes, there are also some quality of life changes and small fixes included. Most prominent one is cutscene skipping (including miniboss introductions), which we know many of you wanted. Changelog:
  • Added two new game modes: Casual and Roguelike. Dungeons can get regenerated starting this version for the first time
  • Quality of life: cutscenes can now be skipped
  • Quality of life: the mouse can be now dragged from one monster to another’s shield in order to break it
  • Quality of life: dragging the mouse over next monster will switch target after one second
  • Massive under the hood changes to the game architecture
  • Vamp Gloves card will no longer grant passive effects when disabled
  • Cold Nova will no longer grant legendary effects even before legendary variant is found
As always (and especially now in Roguelike mode) Stay safe in the dungeons! Konstanty

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