Is Sneak-Peek for me?

What is this Sneak-Peek thing?

It’s a program designed to give eager people a chance to see our games before release, help us find bugs and shape games together.

How does Sneak-Peek work?

When you join our program, you'll get a chance to participate in shaping the final product, and even play early versions of the games. Your fresh perspective and input will help us polish the games and make them as enjoyable as possible.

Once a suitable preview version is ready, you will be provided with a link to the game and some convenient tools for reporting bugs and suggesting improvements.

Will I get spam?

We hate spam with a passion. We will send only occasional newsletters when we have important stuff to communicate concerning the Sneak-Peek program. Even then, an unsubscribe link will be part of every single email you get from us, so you can quit at any time. Needless to say, we won’t share your data with anyone.

Which games are currently in the Sneak-Peek program?

At the moment, none. Please consider subscribing below. We'll send you a notification once a game hits the program!


A lot of people have already decided to help us make our games better. You too can join the ranks of the Sneak-Peekers using the form below.
Want to know even more? Check out the blog post about the Book of Demons Sneak-Peek Program details.


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