Special Halloween Special is here!

It’s been months. Months of planning and preparation – gathering all the candy you can get your hands on, contacting your local ghosts, inviting the most famous vampires, booking the zombie pumpkin show. Finally, Spooktober takes its peak – everyone, put your pumpkin hats on, grab your vampire teeth and wail to the moon – it’s HALLOWEEN!

We know Book of Demons is already pretty scary with all kinds of monsters roaming around trying to kill you and get your cards (and candy). We know. But we decided to make it even sp00kier. We consulted with all the famous spooks, monsters, ghosts and ghouls to prepare a Special Halloween Special, just for you.

Limited Edition Spooky Challenges

We celebrate Halloween with Limited Edition Spooky Challenges and Halloween decorations in all the dungeons (made by the Archdemon himself). Introducing:

  • For The Horde! – the enemies are super fast and can sense you from a long-range
  • All you need is Blood – each second you loose 1 HP point. Each broken enemy heart gives you +1 HP point. Hearts become a resource you have to manage in order to survive.
  • Spooky Spooky S.. pores! – seems like you caught a bug…spores come from your own body and…. spawn even more spores poisoning you in the process. Do you run or kill enemies around you? The choice is yours.
  • 7th sense – enemies spawn once killed and drop gold (killing them doesn’t give you more points) – grab as much money as your pockets can hold and run before the monsters surround you!

Stay safe in Spooky paper dungeons!