Breaking news! Book of Demons is now SUPER HOT!

As if Book of Demons, our upcoming hack & slash game, was not unique enough, today we announce a new, revolutionary feature in the Book of Demons gameplay mechanics – time moves only when you move!

In accordance with the generally accepted best practice, “good artists copy, great artists steal” the feature will work exactly the same way as in the super-selling, super-reviewed, super-fun and super-hot game SUPERHOT! Only this time in a hack & slash!

See our ground-breaking SUPER HOT feature in action:

Obviously, everyone at Thing Trunk is a big fan of SUPERHOT, so this change is permanent and there is no going back to the normal real-time action as seen before. Here is what the Book of Demons team members had to say about this radical change in game direction:

Lead Designer

One might say that this is an unnecessary gimmick in a well working game that already features numerous twists to the hack & slash mechanics, like building a deck of battle cards. But I disagree. We already borrowed the dungeons from Diablo, cards from Microsoft Solitaire and paper from Paper Mario. Today we borrow time from SUPERHOT. Who knows from whom will we steal… ekhm, borrow next?

Lead Programmer

I told my team, that this would never work, but they just wouldn’t listen. The full capacity for mechanics stolen from other games has already been reached in our engine! We’re an indie team, for God’s sake, and we can’t afford to steal from everyone!

Lead Artist

I just hope that mechanics is all we borrow from SUPERHOT. After working with paper on Book of Demons for many years all I got is damn paper cuts. If they tell me to work with glass now, I quit…

Marketing Lead

After Book of Demons was announced, the media coverage was terrible. Only a few small blogs like Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Game Informer wrote about us – we’re desperate for media attention! One of my first decisions as Book of Demons Marketing Lead was to make the game SUPER HOT. There’s clearly no better way of doing this, than stealing SUPERHOT’s main gameplay mechanic! Repeat after me: Book of Demons is SUPER HOT! SUPER HOT! SUPER HOT!

We hope you like the new direction! Also, in other news, the game release date has to be postponed to 2018, as everyone on the team is addicted to playing SUPERHOT.

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