Mini-challenge mode!

Cunning rogues! Mighty mages! Hardened warriors! The time has come for a new (mini)challenge! Behold: The Mini-challenge Mode!

What is this mode all about?

This mode is aimed for anyone who seeks some more challenging gameplay, competition, is willing to prove themselves in unusual circumstances and, well, enjoys a challenge (pun intended). Your goal is simple: gain as many points as you can and gain fame among other brave souls!

The deets

Mini-challenges are short levels in which the players compete in the same conditions for the best score. They will take place in predefined dungeons, you will play with a premade character, cards, and a certain set of rules. TL:DR: we give you a character, rules, a set of cards and a dungeon and send you on your way for the best score.

Each challenge will have a set of rules modifiers. For example, spells cooldown will be getting longer with each use. Or monsters moving with super speed., etc. Scoring will also vary between challenges. Sometimes the gold will be most important and sometimes the speed will be of the essence. And sometimes there will be no light in the dungeons at all. Good luck with that one! 

Please note that everything in the challenges will be predefined, including the character. In order to participate in the challenges, you have to reach the 10th level with the featured one. So if a challenge is made for mages, but you played only with a warrior so far – you need to reach the 10th level with a mage in the normal game mode in order to be able to try that challenge. This ensures that participants know the basic gameplay with said character.

From now on new challenges will be switched 3 times per week – every Monday, Thursday, and Friday (this means that weekend challenge lasts 3 days while weekday challenges last 2 days). 

Oh, one more thing: while playing a challenge, cards, HP/mana/scrolls do not drop in the dungeons, the cauldron is always empty, and Death Rage is disabled.

Leaderboards and scoring

The challenges will have their own leaderboards. The higher the score, the higher your position on it. For any shy beans out there – you don’t need to take part in them if you don’t wish to – there is an option to simply play the challenge without putting your name in the hall of fame.

Following scoring applies, unless changed by modifiers:

  • 1 pt for every coin looted
  • 2 pt for every heart of the enemy that you destroy
  • 300 pt for every boss stage completed
  • 500 pt for every boss killed
  • 3000 pt for every level cleared (clearing levels is not required to finish a challenge)
  • -20 pt for each second spent in the dungeon
  • -750pt for every death (unless death cancels the challenge)

Spending gold or selling runes does not decrease the score already awarded for picking that gold, so sometimes it may be worth to hop to town for quick heal and card upgrading.

To finish a challenge and send your score to the leaderboard you have to click on the Complete button. The button becomes clickable when you click on the stairs down in the last level of the challenge – no need to clear all the levels! You can always abandon the challenge via a menu that opens after pressing ESC or with the X button next to button Complete. However, abandoning or failing the challenge (some modifiers add special fail conditions) does not save your score on the leaderboard. You can retry challenge for a better score as many times as you want for as long as it’s available. 


Hit us up on Discord or simply come to hang out! (Write us there if you have any issues with the game too)